Monday, June 25, 2007

horrific scene in Irag

I just saw this website and cannot believe my eyes. Please pray for each of these little guys.

First Day

Today is the first post on my new blog, a big stretch for me! We've been on our journey for our China Rose, Sophia Rose, since January 8th. God began doing a work in my heart in October, but Todd, my DH, needed more prayer time as God softened his. On Christmas Day, he presented me with a map of China~ his willing gift indicating we should begin the adoption process. We met with our wonderful social worker, Debby, through Bethany Christian Services and the paper chase ensued.
I had no idea of the detail involved as we were investigated, poked and prodded, but finally accepted as an adoptive family. I'm thankful that China is diligent in their efforts to ensure babies are going to healthy, stable families. Our DTC (Dossier to China) was June 21, 2007 and now we await our LID (Log In Date) which we hope to hear is in early July. Currently the wait time in China is 16-19 months till a referral comes to us. That will be a child that the CCAA has chosen for us. We will have only 24 hours, I believe, to accept her. Then Todd, Ellie, Shane and I will travel to get her in 6-10 weeks. We'll stay in China for 2 weeks, then come home and begin life anew.
God in his mercy, has begun to graciously give me appreciation and hind sight for our time together with just the four of us before life changes forever. We love roller coasters, the beach and taking trips together. Our current plan is to take an RV trip across the USA next summer before Sophie Rose comes home. I know this summer could possibly be my last reading 4 novels on the beach and I intend to enjoy every minute of it. Yet my heart yearns to hold my baby daughter. I continue to wonder if she's even conceived yet, as we said we would accept a daughter between 1-3 years old. At any rate, we're praying that she is in foster care and not an orphanage till she comes home. I know it may be initially harder for her, but in the long run, she will have at least attached to her foster mother for months before she comes home.
If you are a family member or friend, please join us in praying for Sophia Rose's bio. parents, mom's health during pregnancy and that she wouldn't use drugs or alcohol, continued softening of Shane's heart, and God's grace to endure the long wait times in China.