Monday, November 15, 2010

Leaf Walk

Our leaf walk started after only one cup of 7:30am!! !( I wouldn't have it any other way! wink wink ;) )
Sophie has a great eye for detail!

She found a total of 6 varieties of leaves just in our back yard.

These are some of her painted modeling clay creations she did later in the day.

The night has FINALLY arrived!!!!

"Wow! That's a big stick of butter, Cami!"

Creaming the butter

Huh... Mom???

Hannah cracking her egg

Cami working on hers

How sweet are they? Hannah and Cami's parents have been praying for us from day one of our adoption journey! This night was a culmination of 3 years of waiting! We're so grateful for the Ryan's!

Last, but not least~ the chocolate chips!

" Just keep stirring."

Don't forget eating the batter is half the fun!

Look at those cute, tiny hineys as they wait for the cookies to bake!

Woh-la! Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies!

All three of these goofy girls would rather eat a plum!!!

Not Ellie and I!!!  

Anabelle and Aunt Joyce

Sophie and sweet Anabelle

Playing the Princess Computer

Playing in the fort

Mustache Mania

" You must pay the rent."

Sophie, Mama and Great Aunt Joyce

We ate and played Go Fish and Bingo after lunch


Sophie's first birthday party!

Waiting for everyone to show up for Grammy's party
Grammy loved Sophie's many handmade birthday cards

The girls gave her a I Love You, Grandma book

"Can I please help you open your gifts, Grammy?"

Sweet picture of Grammy and Sophie Rose

Our first time hostess, Courtney, Grammy and the girls

Sweet Ellie, Grammy and the adorable grandbabies

Grammy gets a smooch from El Bell

Love this one!

Mamma, Grammy and the girlies

The crew minus the great photographer, Todd

A Busy Saturday

"I learned how to ride a scooter today!!!"

"I can even do it on the winding sidewalk!"

Saturday morning girl's quiet time~ banana bread, pumpkin bread and apple muffins compliments of Kathy Lyons

Sophie dressed up as a princess and ate Chinese noodles sent by Dad's friend at work, Kahn.

Sophie LOVES orange tea!!

She made a face ( hard to see) out of paper towels over a cup

Mr. Tim came over to talk "cameras." Sophie took a pic of them together!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Sweet Ellie is 18!!!

Ellie's own set of car keys

Ellie's first time driving friends in a car

There they go~ off shopping!

Some one was NOT very happy to be left behind

I interrupt adoption pics and blogging to bring a very special announcement~        
                     Ellie turned 18 on Oct. 28th. 

She was very sick w/ mono on her birthday, so all her friends came by to serenade her in the yard. She was feeling better that particular day and made it out to greet them on the front porch. 

Many left well wishes of encouragement on a basket on the porch which she just poured over, rejoicing in the gift of friendship! 

Ellie has brought so much joy and love into our lives! No words can express my particular love for my first born daughter! 

                              Happy Birthday Ellie Marisa!!