Sunday, February 27, 2011

Birthday, Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year

Daddy's 50th Birthday Party Surprise at work!!

Sophie has finished all three books by the middle of January. What a great reader! (Notice the p.j's. She LOVES when we can have "jammie" day!)

Ellie was cleaning her room and Sophie fell asleep on her chair!

The entirety of Play Off Season was spent w/ the Uncle Cole and Aunt Gina! We had a blast watching the Steelers get to the Super Bowl!

This is probably one of my favorite shots as the kids prepared to lead worship for our care group birthday party for Todd and our dear friend, Pam.

What a great group of kids~ Our Tapestry of Grace Unit 2 Celebration complete w/ Budda and a 3 sweet ancient Chinese princesses!

Sophie was sick during a snow storm; Shane shoveled then built her a snowman~ What a great brother!

Sophie and some of her buddies at co-op!

Sophie and her neighborhood buddies after a makeover and dress up party!

"Here We Go!"

Sophie got lots of special Valentines! This was a 5 Princess Valentine's Day card and a fuzzy blue journal from the fam!

Sophie and "IE Elizabeth" after the Chinese New Year Celebration at the local mall!