Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st Prayer

Sophie's bedtime prayer tonight~

" Dear Jesus, thank you for dying on the cross for my sins; please help me obey you better tomorrow. Thank you for my family and friends; please heal Mommy and Ellie of Lyme disee ( how she says disease) Please forgive me for sinning against You. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Today during school, we were reviewing our time line. Magna Carta, St. Thomas Aquines, Marco Polo, The Hundred Years War, The Black Death and Joan of Arc and we came to The Great Papal Schism......

I have to continually remember that Sophie has NO pegs with which to hang any of this information on. I have to literally teach her how to even pronounce each word. ( "Con - stan - tin - o - ple" ....."Okay, now...Constan-tin-o-ple.....Constantin-o-ple" ....Constantinople"....You get the picture!)

So we continued playing this game with the time line cards and I realized that instead of saying "The Great Papal Schism" she was saying, " The Great Papa Skittles!"   Too funny!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How Much I Wanted You

It's been so long since I've written.

Many days Lyme disease seems to have overrun our family; it's been a hard season, but God is using it for His purpose and glory. 

Sophie Chats.....

Bedtime tonight consisted of snack of a Pina Colada Slurpee, a Christmas bedtime story, lots of snuggling and singing and of course, our nightly "chats." 

"Tell me about how much you wanted me, Mama."~ Sophie

I reviewed the amazing story from the beginning to the end, reminding her that daddy and I were somewhat like Mary and Joseph minus the angel appearances. ( God put her on my heart first, then daddy later.)

Mom~ "We waited 3 long years until God thought it was time for us to come to China for you." 

"You wanted me really bad, didn't you, Mom?"~ Sophie

"How do you know that Soph," ~ Mom

She jumped out of the sheets and proceeded to wave her arms wildly about....."Because of the way those people stuffed me in that car with you the first day... I knew you really must have wanted me!"

We rolled on the bed with great laughter, sang our songs and she is sleeping soundly as I type. 

Oh, how I love that sweet girl!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Reflecting on our first year together

My Mamma's heart is so encouraged tonight ~ encouraged at God's faithfulness to our family, encouraged and reminded daily that His love is everlasting, steadfast and true, and encouraged that I can have a new 8 year old at 46 and can keep up with her most days!!!! 

Last year tonight, Sept. 10, 2010, we were flying home to the USA  with our new daughter! 

The 3 long years we waited have melted into the past and my days are consumed with love, joy and teaching this very smart Missy how to love the Lord with all her heart, soul, and mind.

 We celebrated our Family Day~ the day we met Sophie Rose for the first time! 

What a wild cat she was that day!

She told me that she only found out that she was going to get a family the night before. 

I understand why they do that~ they are protecting the munchkins in case something happened that we didn't come...but there was NOTHING gonna hold this mamma from FINALLY getting her girlie. 

Below is her account about that life changing day, August 25, 2010, written independently at school last week:

"Today is Family Day. The nannies told me I was going to have a  family, but I didn't know what that meant. I saw my mother, but I didn't know she was my mommy. I was scared and cried when we got in the car to leave.
In one year I've learned how to speak English, write in cursive 
( "Beautifully, I might add!" said Mom.), jump rope, ride a scooter and a 2 wheeler.  But the best thing I learned about was Jesus dying on the cross. I'm glad we're a family. I love you all."

Sophie Rose chose to eat at China Garden for Family Day followed by a trip to downtown Baker Park in Frederick and then home for dessert. 

She read the above story to our family later that evening.

So many people, when we tell them our story say, "Wow, she is so lucky!" 

 But God, in his rich mercy, planned for her to be with us from the foundation of time.  

We are the blessed ones.  

Sophie has enriched our lives daily with her lighthearted, infectious laughter, her silly pranks to her brother, and her curiosity about the Gospel! 

I'm grateful to have bore 2 children from my womb and one in my heart~ my little dancing princess~ Sophie Rose. 

" I'm so glad I'm your Mamma!"

Our dear social worker made her last home visit. We love you and are incredibly grateful for you Debbie! 


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Family Day ...What a Difference a Year Makes!

My very first glance at my new daughter! We KNEW she was a Bentzel!

Lil' Rosie and her Hero!

Happy Family Day! August 25! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"And They Were Swimmin'!"

Lil Rosie in her tube!

Buddy the dog is obsessed with the ball! He even jumps in the water to get it!

"On your mark, get set...."


"Chicken fight!!!"

Love em'!

They all told me this pose was from High School Musical.,,,I don't get it, but maybe you will.

Play day with 'Romey', 'Dukey', 'Jon Jon' and 'Sammy'

The afternoon began by playing Wacky Wigglers on the floor with Shane.

And there in the right corner is the boy's beautiful mom, Bec! She is an excellent mom to these active, sweet, very polite boys!

Check out Jon Jon's gorgeous eyes!!! Blue as the crystal sea! Like his Uncle Jim's!
Precious Sammie and Ellie

This is 'Ducula'- Luke~ what an excellent vocabulary at only two years old!

Roman is making a sword!

Cooling off with a snowman on a hot summer day!

Lukey was glad Shane cleaned his bedroom and gave him some toys from under his bed!
What a goof!

Packing up and ready to head home!

Great buddies! Roman said that Sophie has the most beautiful face he's ever seen! ....Next to yours, sweet Romey!

Garden Tomatos and Nightime Chatter

First harvest from our garden!

Sophie's favorite time is bed time and most nights she starts out~

"Can we talk??"

The following is a peek into our conversations: (Individual conversations are marked by different colored font.)

Sophie~ "When we're in heaven, does Jesus make us a new house and do we get our own room or do we share it with Jesus?

Mom~ "Well, I'm not sure." But I know it will be the best house for us because Jesus made it!" 

Sophie~ "Will Jesus watch us sleep?"

Mom~ "Well, I'm not sure. ( See a pattern here? Ha!) We may not need to sleep."

Sophie~ "That's weird.....(new topic) What can I take to heaven? 

Mom~ "Nothing, God will give you everything you need there."

Sophie~ "Can I take my Barbie's?"

Mom~ " No, you can't take anything with you, but if God thinks you need Barbie's, they'll be there! 

Sophie~ "I'm taking this with me  (pulling out her brother's laser pointer from under the covers) and I'm going to stick it in my mouth and sneak into heaven......(new topic).....Who takes us to heaven?

Mom~ "Well, I'm not sure...but I know that your body stays here." ( I DO KNOW that for sure!)

Sophie~ "Why does your body stay here and only your soul go to heaven?"

Mom~ " ...Cuz God said so!" ( Good grief! LOL) Okay, any last questions?"

Sophie~ "Yea, just one....why didn't God die on the cross....why did it have to be Jesus?" 

Mom~ "Because God is the Father and Jesus is the Son...we'll talk more about that another night." 

Prayers, and routine exit elongated good-byes~ "Night!... Love you! ....Special!" ( blowing kisses, catching kisses, holding kisses to our hearts, sign language "I love you."...okay, I can still multi task at bed time...thank you, Lord.)

(From my reading in The Joy of Fearing God, by Jerry Bridges to answer why Jesus died instead of God:)

"It was the Father who sent the Son. We must not overlook the love of God the Son, however.  John said, " This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us" ( 1John 3:16) Though the Father sent the  Son, the Son came willingly, voluntarily. though He is indeed God, the second person of the Trinity, He took upon Himself our nature and suffered in our place on the cross because of His love for us."

Just recently, as we snuggled while watching a movie, she kissed me, and said~ " I love you mom." 

I kissed her back and she gently whispered, " I'll keep your kiss forever in my heart. I'm so glad I'm your daughter." 

I have always said to her, " I'm so glad I'm your mommy and this was the first time she echoed the sentiment!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Forty-six Birthday Kisses

Tuesday was my 46th birthday.

After her shower, I asked Sophie if we could put a big bow in her hair?

"Of course!" she said, "You can do whatever you want; it's your birthday. If you wanted to kiss me all day, you could!"

I said, "Well, I wished I would have known that this morning, we'd have spent the day in the rocking chair just kissing!"

"Mom!" she said, "We can start now!" 

So off we the rocking chair for forty-six birthday kisses!

Man, I love that little girl!

Handpicked flowers from our garden for my b-day

Birthday cards and flowers