Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wow, so much has happened since I last wrote here! It's now April 2, 2009. I'm now taking the lifeguarding course, so I can also work at the VFW pool.

We're trying to earn extra money so the kids can go with us to China to get Sophie Rose. With the current economy, we'll each need summer jobs to make it happen. Shane's going to run the snack bar at the pool, so we'll all be together.

We've had a great school year and are coming up to a much needed Spring Break; we're all looking forward to sleeping in!!!

In June, we should finally be through the review board! Everything is about 2 years behind. Our current wait time for a healthy infant-3 year old is winter of 2011.

God has been slowly softening our hearts to an older, healthy girl~ up to 5 years old. We may put our paperwork in for her after Christmas!

Below is a great website that helped me understand the grief and loss Sophie Rose may experience when she finally comes home.

If you're married, it will be easy to relate!