Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today, Ellie finished her lifeguarding course and is a full fledged lifeguard! I can't believe it. She did so well on all her tests this week and persevered through a very difficult course in just 4 days. She will begin working at the VFW pool where we have a membership.

It is a beautiful day in MD, only 80 degrees and low humidity after a full day of much needed rain yesterday!

I guess it's time to get her a driving permit...pray, pray, pray!!!

Come home, Sophie Rose!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Such a long time has passed since I updated our blog. For those who check, please forgive me. June 26 marked our 1 year anniversary of our Log In Date~ the date our dossier reached China. To think of all the intense, detailed paperwork we gathered for 6 months just sitting collecting dust could make me discouraged; however, I keep my mind focused on God's providence and sovereignty. He's going to bring our Sophie Girl home in His appointed time. He's been teaching us so much; all of us have grown in this past year. I'm so excited about many life lessons we'll learn until she arrives home. I'm sure I'll be a better mommy and we'll both be doubt!!!

Todd told someone Sophie probably won't be here till summer of 2010; they teased Todd about having to be wheeled in his old man wheel chair to receive her in China. We laugh often about the long wait, but I know it's on Todd's heart. He'll be 49!! I keep encouraging him with the story of Abraham and Sarah!! :)

We continue to do some school this summer, but only in the mornings. Both are completing a Health course, Ellie's doing Algebra 2 and Shane's finishing Pre-Algebra from the school year. Most afternoons we spend at the pool with friends, enjoying God's gift of the relaxing summer sun. I absolutely love the summer months. My goal is to redo the classroom and paint our bedroom and bathroom this summer. I was going get Sophie's room ready but am not sure if I'm doing baby or toddler room. I think I'm just going to wait till after we receive our referral.

Ellie is working for a family friend who has 2 adopted children. She's responsible for child care and some light house work. She comes home exhausted, but so satisfied and content. She will be an excellent wife and mother. God has gifted her in the area of serving others.

Our Shane turns 13 on August 10th. I honestly cannot believe how fast his childhood has flown. I remember when he was a tow headed toddler barely walking. Next week he'll be taking diving lessons; what an athlete he's become! Today he did a 1 1/2 dive with a 1/2 twist off the board with no effort. Todd is taking him on a daddy/son trip to Cedar Point in Ohio for his birthday. Our family LOVES roller coasters so that was his dream trip. I think it has the highest drop in the U.S. Upon return, our friends from P.A. are coming for a visit.

Todd and I are participating in a leadership class this summer to be trained as care group leaders for our church. We are enjoying the time with other couples and the excellent teaching we're receiving from our Senior Pastor Chris Silard.

Sunday will be a time of catching up with some dear friends who have been on Boston all week; we'll also be celebrating another friends b-day with an authentic Irish Fry! Next Saturday, the 19th, I turn 43. I've decided today to try a sprint triathlon in August~ 1/2 mile swim, 16 mile bike and a 3 mile run. I know I can do all individually, but will have to train to do it all at the same time! After Sophie comes, I won't have the time to devote to training!!

I think that's our summer so far in a nut shell. I'll try to update again! Thanks for checking in. Please feel free to leave a note.