Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birthday wishes

 Birthday wishes came one day early for me this year! Chloe and Sophie made me very special homemade cards and gifts. Chloe made me a  Christmas ornament and a cat! Keepsake treasures...
This was a note from Shane attached to the below photo album! Love him!

Gift from my boy!

Another treasure from Sophie Rose!

Lunch with two of my favorite gals!

Build a Bear Shopping Excursion

The search began for JUST the right outfit with her birthday (March) gift card!
Sissy and I had just as much fun shopping! This place is SO cool!

Mr. Paul welcomed us and was very helpful....even gave Sophie a zillion free hair bows for Rosie?

She ended up getting quite a lot for her money~ a sundress, a hoodie and a sparkly bubble shirt! An overall productive shopping day!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frederick Skip Squad

Summer 2012

Ari and Sophie love to play dress up and have tea parties!

Sophs and her new friend, Tom. He's a bed HOG, but she loves to snuggle, so it's a win-win situation!

Sophie was NONE too happy to hear I was going on a week long mission trip to Florida with Shane! She decided she was coming along, too!

She loves planting and watering. It's one of her chores that she enjoys! :D

She made the watering can with Grammy Slimmer when I was away on my mission trip.

Our herb garden, compliments of Aunt Marcia Sommerville!

She and Ari found a bird's nest in the hanging basket; while they waited for them to hatch, they drew pictures of them on the porch!

Michelle and Ellie did a makeover on the lil Miss!

Michelle is an amazing braider!

Some pics from our Farm Foto Shoot....she enjoyed a week long experience at the Grove's farm~ riding horses, learning and playing with baby goats and chickens!

Kristi's 7th Rock a Hula Luau! We had a BLAST!
Funny what two girls can do with two 5 gallon buckets on a hot day!
Total silliness!
Many days were spent playing with her new friend, Chloe...cut out of different molds, God has knit them together as sisters!! For F-O-U-R hours they sat on the floor, cutting and making clothes, from rags, for their stuffed doggies.