Friday, March 25, 2011

Cousin pics, sentences and stories

A photo shoot of my two favorite girlies! 

Kristi and Sophie are like long lost sisters! 

My new sis in law showing her new engagement ring to Grammy!

News on the Sohie Front:

OnWednesday of this week, I introduced Sophie to the concept of sentences~ subjects and verbs. I continued to be amazed at how fast she is picking up the English language. She wrote the following sentences on her own from her spelling list words.

I like to play with Katya in the back yard on the swing.
Sophie loves Cocoa and Nittany. ( our dogs)
I jump on the trampoline.
The puff is fuzzy.
The cat is bad.

On Thursday, she excitedly shared that she wanted to write her own story. She sat diligently at the kitchen table for 3 hours while I spelled words on the board that she requested. Below is her story about Cindrelli.

                                                          Cinderelli 3
Cinderelli is sad because the step mother is mean to her. Because the slipper fits Anastasia, the stepmother said that she can not go go the ball. The stepmother made Cinderelli clean the floors and she was tired. All the mice helped Cinderelli. Gus and Jack watched the Prince love Anastasia and Prince gave her a ring. Gus  Gus and Jack Jack Gus went up to the little, dark, yucky room and told Cinderelli. The Fairy God Mother threw the magic wand on the floor and Anastasia picked it up. She told step mother it was real, but the step mother said it was a stick. The End

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mama's first photo shoot of her stomping grounds in C-burg

I added my favorite shot of the day first!

The girls  in front of my dad's birth home.

Love that adorable smile....

Another one of my beautiful first born...


The entrance to my development.

This eagle and I spent many a cold morning waiting together for the school bus!

The Igloo was the "go to" ice cream shop when I was a little girl. It's getting renovated and will soon reopen; I can't wait to take the kids there!

I spent many Friday nights and Saturday afternoons at the Red Bridge Roller Rink!!!

 I worked at the Olympia Ice Cream Parlor, which is now closed. We visited the Candy Kitchen instead and had equal amounts of fun with less calories!!!

So many choices!

My sweets begging for free treats!!!

The lady actually gave them a sample after the photo shoot!

My daddy worked for F & M Trust Company. It was so weird to have the girls take this many memories!

Tickling the ivories in front of the piano studio where I took lessons every Saturday morning at 9am for 9 years!   

My home church growing up~ I played tag at this spot every Wednesday night after choir practice. Todd and I were married here, too.

So cute....

My second favorite shot of the day...

I love the sunshine on Ellie's hair here.

My brother broke his leg here one Christmas Eve when the cable used to hold the log at the entrance broke and crushed his foot. It was later replaced by the metal gate, but the girls have given it an unequivocal  'thumbs down' in honor of their beloved Uncle Matt!

My third favorite of the day. Again, love the way the sun caught the curls in El's hair.