Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tea Parties and Physicals

 Tuesday was tea party day. Sophie made "tea" for her two friends, Gwe-Gwe and Nittany, and I. Before we started, she reached out for both of my hands and looked at me, bowed her head and waited. I was a little confused, then I realized that she wanted me to pray. I tearfully said a short prayer, thanking my Amazing Savior for this wonderful girl and the excellent tea in the pot. Afterward, a  huge " AMEN" resonated from Sophie's lips. Priceless!!!!

"Dr.'s visits aren't too bad, mom!"
 Tuesday afternoon brought Sophie to the Dr. office for a full physical. She is such an amazingly resilient young girl. China's immunization schedule is different from ours, so she had to have a chicken pox booster and a Hep. A shot. Again, no tears, no flinching! What has this Little Miss been through in the last 7 years?  Dr. Tam, her Dr. spoke in her native tongue, but lately, she hasn't really wanted to "go back." I'm told this is normal, but a little strange for me. We don't want her to lose her Chinese, because she speaks it so fluently, but we'll let her set the pace for continued Chinese training. The office staff has been so wonderful and were ecstatic to finally meet Sophie Rose, as you can see below!
Sophie and John's Hopkin's nurses and office staff

Sophie and Dr. Tam

All Done!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sophie's Church Dedication- Sept. 27th

praying over our precious new daughter

Shari's parents and Sophie Rose

Grandpa Bentzel and Sophie
All the "Grands" and our Little Miss
Todd's parents and Sophie

We all LOVE our latest family pic
Our sweet Little Missy May

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Klondike Bars and Uncle Mark

Uncle Mark, Aunt Bonnie, Thomas and Eli came for a visit on Saturday night. ( Yes, Saturday was full of activity!) Sophie Rose ran out to their van in the driveway, the first time she's done that! She had seen their pics every day in China and was instantly comfortable w/ them. What is it w/ the men in our family? She immediately took a liking to Uncle Mark, even though Bonnie tried many times to engage her. She just likes men!!! We had a great meal~ Filet Mignon and the most outstanding homemade stromboli any of us have EVER had~ hand crafted my Tricia Roberts, a sweet gal in our care group. ( Our church family has been blessing us w/ meals since we returned home from China; I haven't had to cook once! )
Are they not the most beautiful Strombolis you've EVER seen?

Dinner as a BIG family

Playing Wii w/ Dad and Uncle Mark

 Ellie, Aunt Bonnie and Peanut

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

...Just about anything!

Heritage Day Parade~ Sept. 25

I forgot to mention that Friday night ended w/ Todd and I having our first date night in over a month. Ellie and Natalia graciously watched the little Miss while we headed off to Mimi's~ on of our favorite new restaurants in Frederick.

Heritage Days were in Middletown this weekend, so the girls and I took Sophie Rose to her first parade. Not being a parade connoisseur, I sat comfortable back from the curb, but forgot to take into account the blessed candy to be thrown from the cars as they passed by. W/o a bag for candy, I wondered what Sophie would do. As the candy got tossed and kids ran for it, she looked back  at me several times, smiled and mouthed, " It's okay." Some kind moms saw what was happening and offered her some candy, then offered her a bag for her accumulating stash; lastly, they sweetly invited my Little Missy to sit on the curb so she could get her own candy. Tentatively at first, then w/ crazed fervor, she scooped up her own candy to put in her own bag. After profusely thanking the kind moms and on the way to the car, she said, " Look, Mama! Baba say~ Wow, Sophie!"

The treasured curb side seat
Waiting for the parade to begin
The Bentzel Gals
" I just got my first piece of candy!!" 

"Lovin' this parade thing, Mom!"

My two servants!

A Friday of Firsts

Meeting Uncle Steve~ our vet and friend
First day of co-op~ Noah's Ark
Ella and Sophie Rose

Ari and Ella~ new friends
Off to the Frederick Fair

El, Natatlia, Emmie, Anne
Shane, Kellan, Christian, Gabe, Carlos
"That mama feeds lots of babies!"

A Friday of firsts: Sophie met our dear friend and vet~ Dr. Steve Derrenbacher when she accompanied Nittany to Glade Valley Animal Hospital for an ear infection. Next, Sophie attended her first Tapestry of Grace "Littles" Friday co-op. She LOVED Tracy Machen and her fun activities; she also was thrilled to make new friends. After co-op, a group of us decided to brave the VERY hot day and go to the Frederick Fair. Did I say it was and crowded! Anne knows the fair like the back of her hand so we all followed her like puppies to the best food stands for french fries, funnel cakes, homemade icecream and fried Oreos....oh, my~ they were DELICIOUS! Sophie enjoyed seeing the birthing tent w/ baby pigs and calves. She was very surprised to see the cow have 4 breasts ( see earlier post w/ her fascination w/ breasts! :) )
"Hey, you took my sunglasses!"
Cooling off at the hot tub display! What a relief!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family Quiet Times, Haircuts and Swingin'

Our new addition to family Bible Time at 7am
Getting a hair cut from Mimi Nancy
"All done!" Mama yaouh! ( likes in Chinese)
At the park ( the hands by her face are a common Chinese picture gesture)
Lovin' my new life!
Can't get it to stay rotated, but it's a keeper!