Friday, May 28, 2010

PA is here!

Today we received news that we were pre-approved for our family and Sophie to become a family! This is the intermediate step toward the Letter of Acceptance. Hopefully, our LOA will be here very soon!!!

Thanks for your continued prayers!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mother's Day Miracle

I received my Mother's Day Miracle on the Thursday before Mother's Day - Sophie's long awaited referral from China.

Much of it was 4 years old so we requested updated information on her medical, social and educational status. I got it yesterday and it was all in CHINESE!!! What a tease!!! So we wait awhile longer, but I don't care.

Our LOI should be in China now and we're waiting to get back a letter of acceptance. After we receive that ( hopefully by the end of June)it could be only 3 weeks till we travel to get our Xueqin- pronounced Sheo-chin. She said that she wants to be called her Chinese name, so I'm practicing calling her for dinner from the kitchen~ "Sheochin, please come for dinner!!!" It feels weird, but I'll get used to it.

We found out that she is 40lbs and 44 inches tall~ about the size of an average 5 year old. She speaks and understands some English and does double digit addition/subtraction! I'm going to have a "little miss smarty pants" on my hands! I can't wait!!!

There's a lot more that has happened that I can't tell about yet; it is a major work of God, but it will have to wait for another time and post!

Life goes on at the Bentzel home~ Ellie got a job at the Home and School Connection Store, TOG classes are over and summer begins. I'm nesting~ preparing the house, buying clothes, talking to the bank about our HUGE w/drawl to go to China...many things to do...all with a big Mamma smile~ grateful to an AWESOME God!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sophie's REFERRAL is HERE!!!

We just got the call~ Sophie's referral is in the United States of America!!!

Crazy circumstance~ I was trying to call my friend Debby when I accidentally called Debby B., my social worker! I hate calling her b/c she is so busy so when I heard it was her, I was apologizing profusely!! She said, " Shari, I was just going to call you; are you sitting down???" ( I LOVE when social workers say that!!!) I screamed, " Did we get Sophie's paperwork???" "YESSSSS!" she yelled!!!

So, it's coming in an hour via e-mail and I have everything ready to send it right back to China.

Please begin praying for a short time to wait for our letter of acceptance!!!!

One happy mom~ Shari