Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Beginning of Christmas 2010

My dear hubby, Todd, bought me a Nikon 3100 camera for Christmas b/c he knows how much I love to blog. 

Thanks, Hun!

I think I took over 2,000 pics over the holiday.:D 

Tonight, I tried downloading 86 Christmas pics and lost them after 2 hours of planning! 

Alas, I'm going to add them in installments. 

Here are the first six.

Decorating for the holidays! Piano room and dining room~ check!

Above the entertainment center~ check!

We've been waiting for 3 years for Sophie to hang this ornament!!!!

Ellie, Shane and Sophie daily read Scripture when they added another ornament to the advent tree.

Family Night~ in jammies with hot chocolate in hand, we traveled the greater Frederick area in search of Christmas lights!
School continued and Sophie finished her first book! Incredible!!!