Sunday, March 24, 2013

Double Digits

Double Digit birthdays require at least a weeks worth of celebrating. Here dad, Sophie and mommy hit the local theater on Saturday morning to see Wreck It Ralph!

Popcorn and soda for lunch? Why not??

Her room was quietly (not so much!) decorated while she slept! Our family tradition is to sing to the person when she/he was born. Because we don't know exactly when she was born, we chose 7am....and here she 7am in all her glory!

On our way to the mall to get her ears pierced!

She was pretty nervous....but the "bigs" lightened things up for her!

Two of her favorite guys in the world!

Ice cream cupcakes....see the number 10 candles...lame right? Yep...

I just love this picture of grown up...I think it's her hair....

Onto the family birthday / Easter party....a new Cinderella dress for "Rosie." ( from her cousin Kristi!)

Time to color the eggs!

And hunt Easter eggs!

Special hugs for Grammy!
Hard to believe she's TEN!!!!

She was SO excited to get those ears pierced!

My silly, goofy girl!

Happy Birthday, dear precious Sophie Rose!