Sunday, October 31, 2010

Babies and Mamas

All, except Todd, were sick this past week.

Sophie started w/ a fever, sore throat, headache and body aches.

Ellie followed w/ mono and Shane and I picked up the slack w/ a nasty virus.

We had lots of snuggle time~ 7-Up and Saltines along w/ Yatzee and Chutes and Ladders in Mama's water bed.

Many memories were made.

One fun thing we did was to watch the video of the day Ellie, age 3, first visited Shane in the hospital 15 years ago after his birth.

It was the first home video Sophie has seen of the two big kids.

She was glued to the TV taking in all the sights and sounds.

During the same week, she watched a short kid's video where Mary gave birth to Jesus ( not graphic) and she also played w/ a pregnant Barbie. ( She has a magnetic tummy holding a baby inside and can give birth via taking off the tummy....)

All this proceeded to get the wheels in Sophie's mind turning about babies and Mamas.

Saturday morning, Todd and I lay in bed trying to sleep in when "Little Miss" slipped into bed beside me and headed under the covers.

She put her head under my night shirt and lay there.

She whispered, "Mama, say 'EEEEEhhhh!"

I could see where this was heading! :) 

I pretended a quick birth ( nothing like my own!) and out popped baby Sophie.

She lay curled up beside me, sucking her thumb and whimpered softly as she has seen Shane do in the hospital video.

I scrambled to remember the exact words I had said because she doesn't miss ANY details!

"Oh, look at him ( her)!

Isn't he ( she) beautiful!

Ten little fingers and ten little perfect toes.  

Look at his ( her) beautifully shaped head and blonde ( black)  hair. 

My precious little boy, Shane Allen ( girl, Sophie Rose) whom I love so much!"

Our 'game' continued w/ Sophie being "born" in my tummy a half dozen times and then me being born from Sophie's tummy a time or two....What a new mama will do!

After awhile, she commented that Ellie wasn't born from my tummy ( b/c she didn't see our baby Ellie video, I guess); I cautiously said that she was and she pondered that for a couple minutes.

Then she said, "Sophie not born from Mama's tummy."

I said, "No, you were born in your China mommy's tummy ( our very first introduction to China mommy) and God brought you from China to here to Mama and Baba."


"Sophie eat."

I guess her little brain had enough to contemplate for one Saturday morning.

To be continued.....

"The Wizard of Oz"

While we were all recuperating from a virus last week, Ellie had the opportunity to retell the Wizard of Oz story to Sophie minus witches and incorporating God~

In Ellie's version, Dorothy was renamed Sophie, Toto was Nittany ( our dog), Scarecrow was GeGe ( means brother) Dave (Thompson- like a brother to Sophie), the scarecrow was GeGe Ben (also a Thompson), Auntie Em was Mama and Glinda was Christy ( Somerville, another dear friend).

Ellie kept the "Tap your heals together three times" and "There's no place like home."

For three days the story was told and retold as Sophie poured over the elaborate pictures in book.

Then Ellie remembered that stashed away in the basement were her original Wizard of Oz "Barbie" dolls. She quickly retrieved them.

Because Sophie doesn't know the original story, she couldn't BELIEVE that we had Sophie, Nittany, GeGe Dave, GeGe Ben, and Christy dolls!

She couldn't believe that the dolls said the same thing ( push the button on their backs)~ "Tap your heals together three times." and "There's no place like home." Her little eyes were as wide as saucers when Ellie presented her w/ the dolls.

She'll quickly learn that life doesn't revolve around her, but until the newness of western life wears off, it sure is precious to see her naivety expressed in wonder and delight.

What a joy~ I'm in heaven! I love her so very, very much!

"Pick or Peat"

Sophie was so excited for "Trick or Treat" and kept practicing what she would say when she run the door bells. Tonight she practiced with Ellie and said, "Pick or Peet"...then looked at me funny. She knew it was wrong, but didn't know how to correct it! Ellie and I were in hysterics!

Our "Hippy Girl" playing the piano before the big night!
I just can't get enough of that beautiful face!!!!

 'Panda bag' ( compliments of Aunt Lisa)~check! 'Mom"~ check! Oops... can't go w/o Dad!

Now, we're READY!!!!
Artichoke dip, black bean and garlic chips, hot decaf and brownies await devouring upon our return!

Our sweet neighbor girls~ Hannah and Haley

Finally at home and ready for candy inspection!

'Hey! Who's hand is in my candy already???'

Meeting "Little Kristy"

Sophie and Kristy after meeting~ fast friends in five minutes! So grateful!

Playing at Pappy and Grammy's house

So adorable!

Pappy had a blast listening to the girls chatter and play! The girls were in hysterics watching Pappy try to get up from that position!!!!

We surprised Kristy at school the next day!

Kristy, Aunt Courtney, Uncle Andy and Sophie Rose at school

Uncle Andy and Sophie switched head gear!

The day ended with a surprise visit to Grammy and Pappy's house!

New Faces!

Sophie, Mama, Erin and Eva

Uncle Jeff and Sophie

Hello Kitty and Snow White~ Can this child put puzzles together!!!
Great Aunt Peggy watching Sophie play w/ her baby doll~ so sweet

Great Aunt Peggy and Sophie looking at picture albums

Strawberry Shortcake water color~ A gift from the Strites!
While sick, Shane raked leaves for Sophie to 'jump' in~ she didn't get it...I think she thought they should feel like a trampoline!
But she can always pose for a great photo! What a little Miss!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Jesus blue?"

We've been talking to Sophie every day about Jesus and the other day, she and Ellie saw the children's version of the Jesus film.

Excitedly, she and ran to me following the movie and said incredulously, "Jesus died....3 days (holding up 3 fingers) and up!"( pointing toward heaven.) "Yes!" I replied!

Tonight after praying at bedtime, she said, "Jesus" and slitted her neck as if to die.

 I said, "Yes, Jesus died, but after 3 days He came alive again and lives in heaven."

She said, "No see Jesus."

 "That's right," I said, "we can't see him right now b/c he lives in heaven."


"What color is Jesus?"

 I smiled, in the dark. "Well, we really don't know."

 "Is he white?" she said as she touched my face.

 "Probably not," I said.

" He could be yellow, like you," I said as I stroked her face.

"Actually, he's probably black or dark brown."


"Is Jesus blue?" she whispered.

 I  burst in to hysterics as she covered my mouth and laughed beside me!

 "Ssshhhhh Mama! Listen to Jesus."

"Jesus hear Sophie?"she asked.

"Oh, yes, honey!"

So we lay quietly, listening, and she drifted off to dreamland.

"Dear Jesus~ Thank you for my inquisitive ,precious, little girl who is curious about You.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Family Night

Thai chicken lettuce wraps start off family night

Getting ready to carve her first pumpkin

Men against women. Let the carving contest begin!

My pretty team mates!

The boys first glance at their pumpkin goo!

Sophie's first touch of pumpkin goo!

Everyone needs a Jie Jie ( big sis) to show you how to make boogers from pumpkin goo!

Mama and her sweet gal carving away!
Which do you think is best~ the left jack-o-lantern or the right? Sophie helped carve the one on the left one!

Sophie's First Fall Festival

Hannah, Ariana and Sophie head to the party!

Instead of wanting to play games, Sophie just wanted to ride bikes!

Eating hot dogs and beloved cucs..

Love her!

Hanging w/ Baba

Sophie sitting and singing w/ sweet Michelle!

I love black and whites! Isn't she just beautiful!

Grandma's Beach House

Sophie driving the the garage.

Grandma and Sophie on a cold Saturday in Oct.

 We visited Grandpa and Grandma Bentzel's beach house before we went to the Outer banks for vacation. It was Sophie's first time to see the  ocean; cold weather prevailed and we couldn't swim, but we videoed the whole thing. I can't wait to see it. Grandma and Grandpa just loved our new little Missy. In fact, we arrived at 10:30pm on Friday night and had to be up at 6:30am to greet the local men who have coffee w/ Grandpa. It was a sleepy awakening that turned into a wonderful time of fellowship w/ a yummy breakfast to boot!

It was nice enough to play putt putt golf and see the ocean, but not warm enough to take the boat out for a spin so Sophie enjoyed hopping in it in the garage. Grandma made delicious homemade chicken pot pie, a family favorite and we played lots of Go Fish!
Grandpa and Sophie playing

Riding on Grandpa's scooter

Still cold on the docks w/ Grandpa

Sophie and Grandpa playing on the computer.

Ellie and Sophie in Fred Flintstone's car

Sophie sporting her shades

Family Putt Putt

Mama helping Sophie putt

Shane and Sophie

Playing at the Chincoteague park

Todd and Mom in front of their house